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Coming Soon: Killifish Eggs!

I’m not sure why, but as soon as I accomplish something I can’t just sit back and enjoy it. I have to start something new. Updates on my 55gal will go in a separate post, but to summarize, baby tears are THRIVING, the marseila is not, and I have not been fertilizing for the fear of ammonia… but in better news the german blue rams are still alive. 🙂 A few cardinal tetras were eaten by the larger angelfish, so I’ll have to rehome that guy :C

Back to my main point – I’m getting Killifish! My water is moderately hard, and with CO2 injection it becomes neutral. Since most killifish like softer water, my choices are pretty limited but there’s still some. I’ve already won an auction for 100 eggs of gardneri lafia gold. Challenge on these: they’re more successful with soft water, but they do survive in neutral conditions. Other than that, they’re fairly easy to keep and breed. They’re going to a 10 gallon tank, possibly 20 gallons depending on the amount of eggs I hatch.

Fundulopanchax Gardneri Lafia Gold

Fundulopanchax Gardneri Lafia Gold

I’m also bidding on 25 eggs of Aphanius Fasciatus, mainly because they thrive in harder water. They’re not as colorful and they require brackish water, but they were recommended to me so they better thrive. I’m not going to get as excited over these guys because I haven’t won yet! I’m still hunting aquabid for more colorful killies that would survive in my conditions. I have a lot of small tanks to spare…

Aphanius fasciatus

Aphanius fasciatus

So… another expense I just realized is that I need to buy brine shrimp eggs now to feed the baby killies. I’ll probably have to post a new entry on brine shrimp hatching, I’m eyeing the stuff over at BrineShrimpDirect, especially the super cool artemia hatchery dish. It’s probably overkill, especially since I’ve got the supplies I need to make a cheap DYI, but I know myself.


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Water testing!

So I realized my order from arrived since Monday when I got an e-mail asking me if it arrived yet, so I go to my mailbox and there it is. I get to test the waters to see if that’s caused the water problems. Result = I dunno…

GH: 10

So my GH is really high but apparently you’re safe if you have it at around 3-12! KH seems normal and phosphates… are high to some. Supposedly you’re supposed to have less than 1ppm, but people with planted tanks have recommended to have them higher. It’s a debate. Phosphates pretty much tell you the purity of the water. Rex-grigg says you’re supposed to have them at 1-2ppm… so I’m almost there.

Assuming the phosphates is the problem, then I’d just need to try not to overfeed the fish. Also, I remembered that I haven’t changed the activated carbon in my tank for over a month! I’m thinking that’s probably it! So I took extra time this morning and completely switched it before I went to work. After I get from work I’m going to do another water change.

In better news… I’m feeling pretty confident in my water so I did place an order with Florida Guppies Plus for 25 cardinals and a pair of Wild German Blue Rams. 🙂 Luis is shipping out on Monday and I should get my fish on Wednesday. Yay!

German Blue Ram

Cardinal Tetras

Cardinal Tetras

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Tank Specs

Capacity: 55 US gallons (48", 12", 21")
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CO2: GLA Primo Pressurized CO2 System
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Dry Ferts: CSM+B, KN03, KH2P04, K2S04