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Pictures :)

Well, the cardinals acclimated well and right after putting them in the tank they colored up! The german blue rams could be more colorful, but I think it’s a stress thing rather than water quality issues. They do come up to me when I approach the tank, but with loud noises (and my camera grr) they freak out and go hide in the plants! Here’s some pictures:


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My name's Maria, and I live at San Diego, CA. Hablo espaƱol! When I'm not writing 100 paragraphs about my fish's swimming patterns, I work at a popular chain pet store's corporate offices being a robot. I also go to college, studying web design but I'm reconsidering my major into marine biology. I wonder why?

Tank Specs

Capacity: 55 US gallons (48", 12", 21")
Lighting: Coralife Aqualight @ 2.4 wpg
CO2: GLA Primo Pressurized CO2 System
Filtration: Marineland Emperor 400b HOB
Substrate: Caribsea Eco-Complete
Dry Ferts: CSM+B, KN03, KH2P04, K2S04