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First Post

So I decided to make a journal solely dedicated to fish, and since I don’t want to spam up all the other places I bug people at and spreadsheets are getting boring, wordpress it is! I’ve always owned fish but these two last years my obsession grew. Now I’m keeping my first high-tech planted tank and since it’s so new to me and there’s literally millions of things to learn still… yeah. That tank is a 55gal with matching wood stand and canopy, common dimensions, which I actually got for free. How I got it I’m not going to say, but damn I’m lucky. 🙂 Everything else I paid a pretty penny for. Here’s the specs:

55g Planted Aquarium – main project

  • 55 Gallon Glass Tank (dimensions 48″, 12″, 21″)
  • Coralife 48″ Freshwater Aqualight with 2×65 watt 6700k compact fluorescent bulbs giving ~2.4 wpg
  • Primo Pressurized CO2 System from Green Leaf Aquariums with green leaf drop checker and co2 diffuser 5000
  • Dry ferts: micros and macros from GLA
  • Marineland Emperor 400b Filter
  • Eco-Complete Substrate

Since flora and fauna changes so often, I’m going to spare the listing in here and do updates on the blog… that’s what it’s for! In the meanwhile, here’s a video that was taken in its initial stages of planting:

6 Gallon Marineland Eclipse:

This tank is actually very neglected, I keep it at work so it’s hard to convince myself to stay extra for the water changes. It puts me to shame since I work at the corporate office of a large retail pet store, and if someone saw it … yikes! Major revamp coming soon. I don’t really even have a picture but to my recollection, I’ve got some kuhlii loaches, 2 amazon sword plants which amazingly are doing very well (so well they’re getting too big), a half-dead banana plant, fake plants, a piece of Malaysian driftwood, and not enough black gravel.


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About the Author

My name's Maria, and I live at San Diego, CA. Hablo español! When I'm not writing 100 paragraphs about my fish's swimming patterns, I work at a popular chain pet store's corporate offices being a robot. I also go to college, studying web design but I'm reconsidering my major into marine biology. I wonder why?

Tank Specs

Capacity: 55 US gallons (48", 12", 21")
Lighting: Coralife Aqualight @ 2.4 wpg
CO2: GLA Primo Pressurized CO2 System
Filtration: Marineland Emperor 400b HOB
Substrate: Caribsea Eco-Complete
Dry Ferts: CSM+B, KN03, KH2P04, K2S04