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Fish are here! … & Test Results

I skipped work today just to make sure the fish got acclimated quickly! My boss is probably not too happy but it’s for a worthy cause! In the meanwhile I did a test on everything again… nitrites are still high but controllable. The results are in ppm:

Phosphate KH GH Nitrates Nitrites Ammonia PH
1 110 250 20 0 0 7.8

GH and KH are still high… but I hear it’s been worse for people and no big deal. The nitrates is what’s concerned me. I did the water change on monday, plantex dosing on tuesday, and I haven’t even dosed nitrates yet and they’re still high… I’m concerned about the german blue rams. 😦 Aaahh drip acclimation takes so long!

Oh yeah, and I refilled the co2 tank… well, I sent someone to fill it up for me, but for some reason they swapped it for another tank instead or refilling it… and ugly, blue, beat-up one. OK, I don’t care about the aesthetics (they said they’re giving me a aluminum tank next time I go refill…) BUT along with my cylinder my permaseal also went! So I go back to ask them for my permaseal, but the tank is already gone. I try to buy another one but they don’t have them in brass.. only disposable nylon washers. OK. I think that I can buy it online and I’ll just get one or two before my brass one gets there, but the minimum purchase with a debit card is $5 so I have to buy a lot of them…. at $0.30 each, that’s a lot of disposable nylon washers. Oh well.


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CO2 Oops

So I apparently wasted a new 5lb bottle of co2 because I didn’t seal the regulator/cylinder tight enough. Whoops! I was re-organizing the things I have inside the stand’s cabinets and I noticed it was on empty. No leaks anywhere in the tubing, so I contact Orlando and I see the light. Only I can mess up on something that simple!

Bad thing is that westair and the welding supplies stores that sell co2 are open when I’m working, so I’m going to have to see if someone can fill it up for me. Arrrg. In other news, my HC is growing so fast, but I definetively see the contrast in the HC that has no plants blocking its way and the ones that do. The shaded ones grow thin and long, and the ones with good light grow thick, shorter and carpety.

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My name's Maria, and I live at San Diego, CA. Hablo español! When I'm not writing 100 paragraphs about my fish's swimming patterns, I work at a popular chain pet store's corporate offices being a robot. I also go to college, studying web design but I'm reconsidering my major into marine biology. I wonder why?

Tank Specs

Capacity: 55 US gallons (48", 12", 21")
Lighting: Coralife Aqualight @ 2.4 wpg
CO2: GLA Primo Pressurized CO2 System
Filtration: Marineland Emperor 400b HOB
Substrate: Caribsea Eco-Complete
Dry Ferts: CSM+B, KN03, KH2P04, K2S04